Tuesday, October 16, 2018

#54, Sacramento designer digs her 1986 Jeep Wagoneer

Kerrie Kelly knows style. She owns a design company and works in a home office worthy of recognition in an upscale home decor magazine....
Vehicle cyber attacks are an increasing concern.

Episode 53, New cars ‘mobile attack spaces on wheels’

Steve Povolny is head of the Advanced Threat Research Lab at McAfee in Hillsboro, Oregon. He's not a fearmonger, but he has concerns about...
Sacramento race car driver Joe Hand will compete Sept. 7-9 at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca.

Episode 52, Car driver Joey Hand talks racing, family

Joey Hand is among the country's most versatile race car drivers. He's competed as a solo driver on more than a half-dozen series through...
A 1976 Volkswagen Bus was used as part of the display for Helinox during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver.

Episode #51, Colorado conversion man marries VW, Subaru

Vendors at the yearly Outdoor Retailer Show do an impressive job of attracting customers. But none of the companies had a better presentation than...
A Rolls-Royce on the auction block at the 2017 Mecum Auction during the 2017 Classic Car Week on the Monterey Peninsula.

Episode 50, Pros & cons, etiquette for bidding at Classic Car Week

Car auctions are a significant component of Classic Car Week, attainable vehicles to one-of-a-kind rarities. Every auction house has its own style, and many...
A 2017 Audi A3 e-tron similar to the care reviewed by 12-year-old Leo Sens.

Episode 49, Leo Sens, age 12, expert car reviewer

Leo Sens is an outgoing 12-year-old boy with lots of interests. He's a musician and photographer. He likes automobiles, and he’s comfortable giving his...
A Mercedes-Benz limousine is amoing the vintage carsavailable for rent from Monterey Touring Vehicles.

Episode 48, Monterey Peninsula couple rents vintage cars

Classic Car Week, the all-encompassing presentation on the Monterey Peninsula of all things automotive, including vintage cars, revitalizes itself yearly. Many auction and collection...
A 1976 Volkswagen Bus was used as part of the display for Helinox during Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver.

Episode 47, Simple innovation for auto travel plentiful

Based in Oakland, Helinox (www.helinox.com) was among numerous vendors at the recent Outdoor Retailer Summer Market in Denver. The annual trade show showcases a...
The Weekly Driver Podcast in Episode #46 discusses best/worst driving cities and some unique vehicles that will be shown during Monterey Auto Week.

Episode 46, Raleigh, Corpus Christi, best driving cities

According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, 87 percent of daily trips occur in personal vehicles. Reasons vary, but comfort and reliability are primary...
About 600 vehicles are presented for auction during Mecum Auctions during Monterey Auto Week.

Episode 45, Fast, furious Mecum Auctions returns to Monterey

Ask John Kraman a question about automobile auctions, vintage cars, industry trends or automotive history and the answers come fast and furious from the...
The 2017 and 2018 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell are available for lease in California.

Episode 44: Expert examines Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Driving from Northern California to Southern California and back has been routine in recent years. The 800-mile round-trip trek along Interstate 5 is always...
Never leave animals or children unattended in vehicles.

Episode 43, Don’t leave pets, children alone in vehicles

Tragedy strikes every summer. Children and pets die from heatstroke after being left unattended in cars and trucks. It should never happen, but it...