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    John G.

    I am really enjoying your podcasts. Have started at the first and going through them all. Each one gets better and better.

    I have wondered why hydrogen cars have not taken off? It seems to be the best option. No emissions, removes range anxiety, and just seems more like driving a combustion engine than electric cars. Additionally, minimal coal fired electric plants having to generate that extra electricity.

    I know there has been discussions:
    * We don’t have the infrastructure: I believe when the market for hydrogen becomes real, every filling station in the US will have a hydrogen pump.
    * Electricity is everywhere: True, however, places like California can’t keep up with the demand for electricity as it is, much less add in electric cars. And our electrical grid will take billions to upgrade and potentially decades. So that seems more like an infrastructure issue than making hydrogen available
    * Hydrogen is dangerous under pressure: I do see this as a potential issue but GM has hydrogen cars for a long time and Toyota’s new Mirai so the dangers must have been addressed as well as the heat issue

    I would love to get your perspective.


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