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    Paul Elio is the Bernie Madoff of the Automobile World.

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    Paul E

    Elon MUsk is the Al Capone of the Auto World

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    Bruce P.

    Everywhere I went, Paul Elio had shills on his forums to shout down dissenters. You couldn’t have a rational discussion of the obvious defects of the Elio concept. 3-wheeled cars aren’t new, they just don’t have a market. The people who plunked down money for an Elio are getting exactly what they deserve.

    I’ll say this for Delorean: at least it produced some cars before it tanked.

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    Frank D.

    I’m one of the suckers who fell for the pitch. I put a grand down early in the game thinking I’d be driving a unique vehicle by know. I’m not sure if the car will ever be produced but if it is, I’d still like to own one… just because.
    Brooklyn, NY


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