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    Benedict Cipponeri

    Gas 2.0 has been down on this vehicle from day one, so I would take anything they post with a with quite a bit of salt.

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    David McKee

    Sloppy. Units matter. It’s not a top speed of 100 mpg; it’s 100 mph. Seems pretty basic to a website about cars. Also the 3 cylinder engine is not 9 liters displacement; it’s 0.9 liters. Doesn’t a three cylinder engine with 9 liters displacement seem improbable?! If you can’t get the basic stats right, why should we trust your suppositions?

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      James Raia

      Thank you for reading my website. Your corrections have been made.

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    LOL. The Elio enthusiasts will never give up hope on this vaporware. “The company is $127 million in debt with $1.00 in the bank. When do I get the car I reserved?”

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    Next to our government, the Elio’s biggest scam in American history.


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