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    Doua Lee

    I love my 2007 Camry, but I'm terrorfied by the newest recall. I drive it to work everyday and I am scared to think about what might go wrong while I'm in it. Please keep me posted on your plan of action.

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    This is beyond outrageous! I put my baby daughter in that car. I even called them months ago and told them my gas pedal got stuck once (for about 5 full seconds!) and they said there was no reason to bring my car in for adjustment. BS! How dare they play roulette with my family's life. Will never buy a Toyota again. Now I need to find a way to get rid of this time bomb of a car!

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    Mary Lou MYers

    I purchased a new 2008 Avalon in 2008. I am scared to death of it now. I am afraid to drive it on any major trips. I need to know what is the remedy for all of us owners out here with these beautiful cars. What does recall mean for us owners? We need answers. Are we supposed to expect the Clemons Auto Sales of Ottumwa, Iowa, to call us and tell us when we can get this car repaired, or are we supposed to just do a lot of praying every time we drive it. This puts the value of this car in the basement as far as I’m concerned. I make my monthly payments on a car that I am counting on to not kill me.
    Mary Lou Myers
    24759 Lilac Avenue
    Bloomfield, Iowa 52537

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    Richard Essi

    I have a 1994 lexus ES300. Is this car on a recall list?

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      James Raia

      Not that I'm aware of. The recall list includes only the cars and years I've mentioned.

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    Richard Essi

    Need to know if my car is in the recall.

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      James Raia

      What brand of car?

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    Judith Jacobson

    On May 29, 2008, I was in a near fatal crash, in Upper Dublin, PA, driving 25 mph, 5 minutes from home. I was driving a 2006 4 Runner Toyota. This was prior to any news about the "Runaway Toyotas", and yet, much of the complaints stated on ABC World news applies to my accident. The car was totaled, so all I have is a police report.
    I want this to come to someone's attention, since the recalls to date do not include the 4 Runner. I had owned a 2001 4 Runner, so I could detect a definite difference in the way the newer car responded. I kept saying the car seemed to have a mind of its own; that there seemed to be something electronically wrong. The car lurched at 25 mph. The brakes never engaged. I still suffer physically from this crash. I have never been in an accident before. I have attempted to contact other venues, but there hasn't been a phone number or place to tell my story. I hope this will reach someone. It could save a life.

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    My girlfriend drives a 2007 Camry. Not being a car-oriented person, she didn’t think the low oil pressure light was a big deal. It definitely is … a rubber hose did develop a leak and she was driving with no oil in the engine. Had I not been there, she would have driven it three days without oil and ruined her car. This could cause severe overheat and engine seizure. There is no repair for that other than a complete engine rebuild.

    She was just outside the warranty and the company fixed it for her no charge anyway. Please don’t neglect your gauges. They are there for a reason.

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